Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisturizing Aloe Vera Gel

I recently got a second-degree burn on my skin two weeks ago because of some little home accident. I accidentally spilled hot water on my leg from a cup on the table. The pain was unexplainable. I never thought the effect on my skin would be that bad. My skin formed blisters. It was a bit uncomfortable for me to move around because of the pain. I bought an over-the-counter ointment  in a drug store. But since, the burned area covered a large part of my skin, I decided to look for a remedy not only to soothe the burn but also to help lessen the scar it may leave on my skin.

I tried researching online and came across the benefits of aloe vera. I started to look for a good store online to buy aloe vera extract or gel. I came across the facebook page of Nature Republic, a Korean cosmetic store which has been in the Philippines for a few years already if I am not mistaken.

All can I say is thank God I came across Nature Republic. I went to a mall and scouted every cosmetic/organic store and asked for an aloe vera gel but I couldn't find any. Good thing there is a Nature Republic branch at Festival Mall in Alabang.
The packaging is good and the size is big. The aloe vera gel leaves a very good scent on the skin too. I was surprised about its price since it is very affordable. One package consists of 300 ml or 10.56 fl. oz. of 92% aloe vera gel and I got it for Php 236 since there was 20% off discount during the time I bought it(regular price- Php295).

I had already tried using this on my skin burn and it really has a cool and soothing effect.I also tried adding it to my hair conditioner as  hair moisturizer. 

Aloe vera  has a lot of health benefits. This aloe vera gel can be used all-over the body without the harmful ingredients of commercial products.
I also bought a gift for a friend from Nature Republic so I got freebies.This is my first time to buy Nature Republic products and I don't think this will be the last.

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